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Versatile bikes tailored to meet the demands of the everyday commute by bike

Our selection of commuter bikes certainly tick all the right boxes for everything you could ever need from the best commuter bike. Whether you need to carry luggage, take a detour off-road or simply to arrive at the office feeling refreshed, these bikes ensure that commuting on a bike has never been so much fun!

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The commute by bike offers so many benefits, you get to fulfil your daily exercise quota while also reducing your carbon footprint. To achieve this, you need a bike that is up to the task. Aluminium and steel bikes tend to be the materials most favoured for a commuter bike due to their durability and cheaper cost when compared to carbon. Those that place a premium on weight may opt for a carbon frame as it is almost always the lightest option. The best commuter bikes will normally have mudguard and rack mounts incorporated into their design. This allows mudguards to be installed for better wet weather protection as well as enabling luggage such as laptops, work clothing, packed lunches etc to be carried more easily. Lately, disc brakes have grown in popularity thanks to their improved braking performance, particularly in mixed weather conditions.


There are essentially 4 types of commuter bikes including, electric commuter, hybrid commuter, gravel commuter and carbon commuter. The electric commuter bike employs an electric propulsion system to provide a boost of power assistance when it is needed the most. A hybrid commuter bike, as its name may suggest is a blend of 2 bikes. Flat handlebars that you would normally see mounted on an MTB are fitted in place of drop bars which helps to add stability, comfort and control, especially when riding over rougher surfaces. To add more efficiency when riding on the road a lightweight road bike frame, wheels and tyres will normally be utilised.Much like the hybrid model the gravel commuter bike is designed to operate both on and off-road. With a huge tyre clearance, there is plenty of scope to fit big volume tyres for improved comfort and traction across a wide variety of terrains. Many of today’s high-performance carbon road bikes now feature integrated mudguard mounts which makes them well suited to being utilised as fast carbon commuter bikes throughout the entirety of the year.



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