All-road Bikes – What are they?

Friday, March 4, 2022

As recently as the turn of the century buying a bike was a simple matter of deciding between road or Mtb. But as riding habits changed, the demand for bikes that specialised in certain areas increased. Of this new breed of bikes surely the most versatile has to be the all-road bike. Not only is it fast and efficient on smooth roads but it also excels where the pavement ends and transitions into unkept cycle paths. But what exactly is an all-road bike? Read on to find out why it may just be the only bike that you will ever need.

One bike to do it all

An all-road bike is a drop-bar bike that is fast and capable across terrains as varied as smooth tarmac and light off-road routes. The in-built versatility that it offers makes it a jack of all trades rather than a master of one. Similar in many ways to an endurance road bike, but with subtle differences that markedly alter its capabilities.

Firstly, there’s a slightly more relaxed riding position than that of its road counterpart. In addition to providing the rider with a taller saddle position, it also provides more stability. This comes in especially handy when tackling rough and tough off-road terrain.

Secondly, there’s the added tyre clearance within the frame. A road disc bike will commonly accommodate tyres up to 32mm. The all-road bike, on the other hand, expands this to a generous 47-50mm. The extra clearance allows the tyre loadout to be fine-tuned to suit the terrain or conditions. For instance, fit a road slick to maximise grip and rolling resistance on the road. However, fit treaded gravel style tyre and you have a very capable off-roader. Then there’s the all-rounder which performs efficiently on dirt, gravel, and tarmac.

Who would buy an all-road bike?

An all-road bike is a perfect option for anyone looking to mix off-road routes into their road riding routine. In addition to being fast and efficient on the road, it’s the ability to explore off the beaten path that makes the all-road bike an essential tool for mixed-terrain rides. Anyone who is pushed for space can certainly benefit from having one bike to ride-it-all where previously two would be required.

Ready to ride for spring

Below is a selection of models from our CGR family of all-road bikes that offer the earliest despatch dates. Demand is high and they may not be around for long, so order soon to enjoy a fun-filled spring and summer of exploration on two wheels.

CGR AL e – SRAM Apex

From short off-road blasts to backcountry lanes or your most imaginative daily commute, the ultra-versatile and highly capable CGR AL e is ready for any season and any riding scenario. Take your all-terrain riding to the next level with the single ring simplicity of SRAM’s Apex 1×11 speed gear system, the peerless power and control of hydraulic disc brakes, gravel-optimised Mavic Allroad 650b wheels fitted with WTB Horizon 650b tyres and an ergonomic alloy finishing kit from LEVEL. 

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CGR AL e – 105

Why limit your rides to road or off-road? With the impressive all-road performance and naturally smooth pedal assistance of the highly capable CGR AL e, you can ride where you like, whenever you like. Complete with a robust all-road component set that includes the smooth and precise shifts of Shimano’s 105 groupset, powerful disc brakes, lightweight Mavic Ksyrium wheels fitted with Continental Ultra Sport tyres and ergonomic finishing kit from LEVEL.

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CGR 725 – Gravel

For those who simply like to sit in the saddle and roll smoothly over road, dirt, or gravel there’s the CGR 725. The famously compliant ride quality of steel smooths out the bumps for a comfortable ride over even the roughest terrain. A SRAM Rival 1×11 speed drivetrain offers a gear range wide enough to conquer any terrain with ease and Mavic Aksium wheels fitted with chunky WTB Riddler 45mm tyres is a reliable combination for road, tarmac, and dirt.

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CGR 725 – Enthusiast

Designed around the elegant, ride-smoothing, and robust Reynolds steel frame the CGR 725 Enthusiast comes equipped with the tried and trusted shifts of Shimano’s ever-popular 105 series groupset. Mavic Aksium wheels fitted with Schwalbe G-One tyres allow you to take on road, dirt, or gravel. With integrated mounts for a rear rack and mudguards, the CGR 725 makes a powerful case for being recognised as one of the most robust and best performing all-season commuter/winter training bikes on the market.

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CGR AL – Gravel

This aluminium all-terrain explorer comes specced with componentry that’s designed to enhance your off-road ride enjoyment. These include the single-ring simplicity and wide gear range of SRAM’s Apex 1×11 speed drivetrain, Mavic Axium wheels fitted with chunky WTB Riddler tyres and handlebars with flared drops to maximise stability and control on the roughest terrain.

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CGR AL – Flat Bar

The CGR AL Flat Bar was created for those who prefer the added comfort, confidence and control afforded to them by the flat, MTB-style handlebars. Once again we have chosen the single ring simplicity of SRAM’s Apex 1×11 speed drivetrain which provides all the gears you need to get uphill or down. Mavic Aksium wheels fitted with Schwalbes G-One all-rounder provide plenty of smooth-rolling speed and grip on loose surfaces and tarmac.

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CGR AL – Enthusiast

Equipped with Shimano’s most successful road groupset, this is a bike that’s designed for the rider who mainly rides on the road but wants the flexibility to explore the roads less travelled. Smooth and precise shifts are guaranteed, and the additional power of hydraulic disc brakes are a welcome addition too. Once again the tried and trusted combo of Mavic Aksiums and Schwalbe G-One tyres keep things rolling smoothly, whatever the terrain or conditions.

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CGR SL – Gravel

Advanced full carbon monocoque construction makes this all-road machine light and super stiff, making it supremely agile on the road or off it. The precision shifts and gravel-optimised gearing of Shimano’s GRX RX810 drivetrain offers a gear range low enough to overcome any challenge, be it on-road or off it. Mavic’s robust Allroad wheelset fitted with Schwalbe G-One all-rounder tyres deliver reliable speed and grip on dirt, gravel, or road.

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CGR SL – Gravel Di2

Essentially the same bike as that listed above but the advanced, aero-optimised frameset is complemented by the electronic shifting precision of Shimano’s GRX Di2 drivetrain. Robust Mavic Aksium wheels fitted with fast and grippy Schwalbe G-One tyres plus a gravel-inspired finishing kit make every ride an epic adventure.

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CGR SL – Sport

Designed for cyclists who ride mostly on-road but want the added versatility of being able to inject a little more adventure into their daily rides or commutes. Shimano’s tried and trusted 105 groupset delivers precise and reliable shifting while Mavic Aksium wheels fitted with Schwalbe G-One tyres keep things rolling smoothly throughout the seasons.

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Developed for the sport of cyclocross, the CX AL is a versatile allroad bike that can be fine-tuned to functions as a performance optimised gravel or road bike. It comes complete with all of the tools you need to excel off-road in the shape of the single ring simplicity and wide gear range of SRAM’s Apex 1×11 speed drivetrain and Mavic Aksium wheels fitted with Challenge CX tyres. By switching out the tyres in BikeBuilder you can select a tarmac specific tyre or an all-rounder that lets you enjoy the best of all worlds.

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To view a wider selection of bikes that offer the earliest despatch dates, click here. You can find every style of bike, everything from hybrids to MTB’s, endurance road and aero bikes.

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