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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Here at Ribble, we love to hear from the people who ride our bikes. To find out why they ride, where they ride, and what they love so much about this great sport that we all love so much. That’s why we created ‘Real.Bike.People.’ A series dedicated to the people that matter the most, you! The latest instalment comes to you from the USA and is proof positive that teal is real.

Teal is Real

In the latest instalment of our real.bike.people series, we meet Carlos Rubirosa from Wernersville, Pennsylvania. Carlo’s impeccable taste proving once and for all that teal is real.

A beautiful bike surrounded by natural beauty, this is why we love cycling.

Which bike do you ride and why did you choose that particular model?

I ride the Endurance SL Disc and chose it because of its looks, value for money, and durability.

What do you love about your Ribble bike?

I love the way this bike looks and the way it handles.

Interesting Fact – We have since found out from Carlos that the national stone of the Dominican Republic is Larimar. A stone that is native ONLY to that one island nation, and which just so happens to be a close match to the teal colour of his Endurance SL Disc!

What got you into cycling?

Life can get pretty crazy and as we get older it becomes more important to maintain a healthier lifestyle. When I got into cycling, little did I know that I would become such an advocate of the sport? For the most part, I feel that cycling is a kind of therapy and it greatly helps to keep my life in balance.

How often do you ride?

I personally do a lot of social riding and tend to ride 3-4 days a week.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?

My favourite place to ride is anywhere with beautiful scenery. Here in Pennsylvania, we have many hills and a lot of elevation gain on seemingly every road that you turn.

Carlos (left) and Clifford (right) proudly show off their Endurance SL Disc and Endurance SL R Disc respectively.

Do you have any cycling ambitions or goals?

My goal is to become a better climber so that I can keep up with the more advanced riders in my group. I’m also planning to complete my first 100-mile ride in September with a charity ride in aid of the American Cancer Association. The event starts in Philadelphia and ends in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Who is your favourite Pro rider and why?

Peter Sagan is my favourite pro rider. His explosive sprints are something that gets me jumping out of my chair every time I see him in action.

If you could have the skill of one pro rider, what would it be?

If I could have the skill of any pro rider it would have to be Lucien Van Impe. His climbing skills are possibly the best that we have ever seen.

What’s your biggest cycling achievement to date?

My proudest cycling moment was the day that I was able to climb the Reading Pagoda here in Pennsylvania without stopping. That was a great day and it felt amazing.

A happy Carlos after climbing up to the Reading Pagoda which sits at 886 feet above sea level.

What’s your hardest ride?

My hardest ride was the first time that I was invited to do the Reading Pagoda climb. I was just two months into cycling and halfway into the ride my mind just kept telling me to turn around and go home. It became clear that I was in over my head, but I kept on going and pushing to the top. I managed to finish that ride! Now that ride is one of my regular routes and we do it at least once a month.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

As a teenager I did some modelling work in New York City.

Chapeau for the colour matched water bottles Carlos!

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