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  • The Ribble Endurance Range

    The optimal combination of lightness, power transmission, and aerodynamic performance

  • Experience the cutting-edge innovation and meticulous research and development behind the Ribble Endurance frame platform. A range of road-optimized endurance bikes that provide an unmatched combination of lightweight agility, remarkable efficiency, and are the perfect companion for extended rides, whether you're chasing personal speed records, aiming for a PB on your local climbs, or leading the pack towards your next milestone.

  • We employ innovative techniques such as carbon fibre layup optimisation, advanced tube shaping, and the use of high-modulus carbon fibre materials, all contributing to their lighter weight and enhanced stiffness.
    Jamie B. - Head of Product
  • Ribble Endurance SL R Disc

    Ultralight and aerodynamically optimised through CFD analysis, wind-tunnel and real-world testing, the Endurance SL R is race proven by pro riders. Every element of our flagship Endurance platform has been aerodynamically optimised to smooth airflow, which includes an optional aero one-piece cockpit that generates up to 40% less drag than conventional handlebar setups.

  • Ribble Endurance SL R Caliper

    Featuring an advanced bespoke carbon construction, the rim brake iteration of our UCI approved flagship endurance superbike is lighter, faster, and stiffer than anything that has gone before. With builds tipping the scales below the UCI weight limit, this is the ultimate carbon racer for hill climbing, stable descending and all-day century epics, offering a ride that is both forgiving and fast.

  • Ribble Endurance SL Disc

    Engineered for endurance riding and racing, the lightweight Endurance SL Disc takes its design cues from its superbike sibling. A carefully considered geometry results in a frameset that offers stability, pinpoint handling, and all-day ride comfort, with enough adjustability to suit both endurance riders and those looking for a more performance optimised riding position.

  • Endurance SL Caliper

    The Endurance SL’s searing speed, low weight and road smooth ride quality means you can go further, faster and for longer. Light and supple. Comfortable and capable. This easy riding road machine is everything you love about road cycling and more, delivering excitement and exhilaration in equal measure.