“Consistency is pivotal,”- Ribble Weldtite’s Jack Rees

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Team is deep into their winter training, in the hopes of competing later in 2021. We caught up with Jack Rees of Ribble Weldtite to gain some insight into the team’s goals, training, and focused events for the year ahead. Jack tells us that consistency is pivotal to achieving your goals.

Ribble Weldtite is aiming to defend titles at targeted races this year. These include the British National Championships in both the road and TT disciplines.

Ribble Weldtite team training camp 2020.

We spoke to Jack Rees of the Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Team to gain an insight into how the team go about setting their season’s targets. To find out why consistency is pivotal in achieving your performance goals.

Team Goals

What goals or ambitions does the team have this year, considering things might get off to a late start?

Our goals range across the road and time trial disciplines. We look to be prominent throughout the season. We aim to be winning races at all levels we compete at. For 2021, we intend to combine a domestic program with an international race program of around thirty days. In the UK, our key objectives remain the British National Championships in both Road and Time Trial, the Tour Series, and the Tour of Britain.

Ribble Weldtite will race on the Endurance SL R in 2021


How does lockdown affect those plans?

Right now it doesn’t impact things too greatly. The riders are still in a base phase of training. So, the focus is on volume, building endurance and a deep base of aerobic fitness. We planned for a delayed start to the season so there is no great rush or pressure for now.

The main difference is that normally we would have a number of big blocks of training in Spain during January and February. But these are not likely to be possible. We are hopeful of some smaller-scale group training camps at some point prior to the season commencing.

Winter training. Winter miles = summer smiles!

Does the team still train to the same intensity as they would if races are still going ahead?

At the moment yes, training is very similar and we are planning ahead for a fully intensive season. Albeit, one with a slightly later start than usual.


How do you decide what will be targeted as a team?

Over the winter period, we hold one to one in-depth planning conversations with each rider. This is to nail down both their individual and team objectives. From there, we build and establish our race calendar, key priorities and targeted events. We then assign the riders a program and specific goals within that.

How do you work towards the team’s goals?

Following on from establishing the calendar, and our A, B, and C priorities within that. We speak to our partners to get an understanding of their objectives. We then, with riders’ input, collate all that information together to formulate an overall plan for the season.

Solo training.

Goal setting.

Do you have any tips for people setting their own goals?

Focus on the day to day, consistency is pivotal in building fitness to tackle any goals. This happens over months of consistent training.

Within cycling specifically, we have a number of goals. Having just one may lead to lots of internal pressure to get everything perfect for a single day. Instead, have multiple goals and priorities, according to which is the most important for you.

Jack Rees, Ribble Weldtite Director of Communcations.

Going Pro

What advice do you have for those wanting to go semi-pro/pro?

Race regularly to develop your craft, and showcase your abilities. Make sure you deliver a professional approach for yourself, whilst looking after your kit and bike. Also, maintain a presence on social media. This shows potential teams and brands what benefits you can bring to them, outside of just on-bike performance.

With Dan Bigham’s aero expertise, the team constantly strives for every possible marginal gain.

How about yourself, do you have any personal goals as well as the team’s goals?

In 2021 I’ll be mixing road racing with the team and taking my Ultra TT’s for some Triathlons, starting with (hopefully) a 70.3 in Portugal in late March!

Good luck to the Team throughout 2021 and we look forward to seeing them in action.

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