R872 vs Endurance SL- which bike should I choose?

Endurance SL vs R872- Which bike should I choose?

Our R&D and team of bike experts have been through a significant phase of road bike design, innovation, development and testing. Utilising the very latest in manufacturing technology and processes  to produce our latest and best ever carbon road bike range. This has resulted in the launch of the new Endurance SL and the new updated version of the multi-award winning R872. These are two technologically advanced, high performance frame platforms with brilliant ride and handling characteristics.

The big question is, what are the differences between the two and which one is right for you? Here we will run through the differences between the two frame platforms detailing exactly what you get for trading up from the R872 into the SL.

Where they sit in the range

The R872 is our multi award winning carbon road bike. Lighter, stiffer and more comfortable than comparable alloy bikes at a great price point.  This makes the R872 a great choice for the aspiring racer, commuter or sportive riders. Available in disc and caliper versions and with Tiagra and 105 builds starting from £999.

View the R872 range here

The R872 Black being put through its places in sunny Lancashire

Trading up from the R872  the Endurance SL suits the serious non compromising endurance rider and racer. The Endurance SL sits above the R872 and is our state of the art, super-light, race ready endurance carbon road  platform. Featuring pro level technology and cutting edge design. Customisation is offered through a multitude of disc and caliper Bike Builder options with prices starting from £1499.

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A stunning bike deserves a stunning backdrop


The R872 has a ‘sportive’ geometry, which means that it has a taller  front end  and slightly shorter reach than the SL.  This offers the rider a less aggressive riding position promoting long ride comfort.  The handling offers stability but with a hint of raciness when you want to press on or enjoy your favourite switch back descent.

An R872 Red climbing a typical British short sharp climb.

The Endurance SL has an ‘endurance’ geometry, offering the rider the ability to fine tune their fit to achieve a more performance  or race inspired position. The handling is direct but controlled and this bike is equally at home in a fast criterium race as it is a full day in the mountains.

The simply stunning SL grey being put through its paces by its designer.


The table below lists the features of both platforms and which apply to each frameset.

FeaturesR872Endurance SL
Internally Routed CablesYesYes
Dropped seat staysYesYes
Sportive GeometryYesNo
Two Part Carbon MoldYesNo
Full Monocoque Carbon Fibre ForksYesYes
27.2mm Round SeatpostYesNo
External Seat ClampYesNo
Endurance GeometryNoYes
Monocoque Carbon FrameNoYes
Full EPS SystemNoYes
Toray T800/1000 CarbonNoYes
Truncated Aerofoil TubingNoYes
Full Carbon Monocoque ForksYesYes
Truncated Aero Seat PostNoYes
Integrated Seat ClampNoYes
Integrated  Bar / Stem CompatibilityNoYes
Di2 CompatibilityYesYes
This graphic highlights the effects of a truncated aerofoil and its drag saving characteristics.

R872 Frame

The R872 is constructed in a more traditional way but incorporating some of the contemporary design features such as internally routed cables. Some of the more prominent features of the R872 construction are;

  • A multi-part carbon mold process – makes the frame lighter, stiffer and stronger than alloy frames.
  • Carefully profiled tubing –  the right combination of stiffness, weight and comfort.
  • Seat stay profile – Dropped seat stays offer a more responsive rear end whilst gaining compliance and comfort over rough terrain and long rides.
  • Full monocoque carbon fibre forks – Lighter, stiffer and more comfortable than alloy.
  • Seatpost and seatclamp – The R872 uses a round 27.2mm diameter seatpost and an external seat clamp.
  • Specification –  Available to order with Tiagra or 105 and with  selected builds options to personalise the build and fit to your own preference.
Level 5 Carbon Integrated bars and stem allow the cables to be completely hidden

Endurance SL

Trading up to the SL series frame  offers a significant range of performance enhancing upgrades.  The key features of the SL are listed below.

  • Toray T800/T1000 Carbon – which is the highest quality carbon used in cycling frame manufacture today. Formed from a single integral piece of carbon it helps distribute stress over a wider proportion of the frame . This makes it the lightest and strongest of frames.
  •  A Full EPS inner core system  – This enables the perfect distribution of the carbon fibre and eliminates imperfections and weak spots.
  • Tubing Profiles – Truncated aerofoil tubing  for better aerodynamics and efficiency .  This results in an aerodynamic gain of 28% over the R872.
  • Forks –  A full monocoque carbon fibre fork , the entire fork is constructed from 1 piece carbon so is lighter and stiffer.
  • Enhanced Seat stay profile – Dropped seat stays offer a more responsive rear end whilst gaining compliance and comfort over rough terrain and long rides.
  • Seatpost and Integrated Seatclamp– A Truncated aero seat post and integrated clamp. A wedge style clamp is seamlessly hidden within the frame and this combination offers maximum aero gain.
  • Compatibility with Carbon integrated bars and stem– Compatible with the  Level 5  carbon monocoque integrated handlebar and stem. This system allows all cables to be hidden within the  cockpit and frame. It also offers a 43% aero advantage over a traditional handlebar and stem.
  • Di2 Electronic integration – The junction box can be integrated within the frame whilst still being accessible. This allows for seamless integration between the frame, Di2 cables and charging point.
  • Specification –  There is a full choice of build options from 105 through to Sram eTap and the ability to personalise the build and fit to your own preference.
Left image highlights the clean lines with the integrated wedge, the right the standard external collar.

If you would like to know more about the construction of carbon frames then you should take a look at our carbon tech explained blog . This offers a fascinating insight into how our premium carbon frames are constructed.

You can view the carbon tech explained blog here .

In Conclusion

The R872 is a great choice for the aspiring racer, commuter or sportive rider looking for an accessible carbon road bike.

The Endurance SL offers signifcant performance enhancing benefits over the R872. Trading up from the R872  the Endurance SL suits the serious no compromising endurance rider and racer.

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  1. Still have my old Nero Corsa. Wonderful frame and the best bike I have ever owned. We have five Ribble frames in the family. all are excellent performers .

  2. Great article. I’ve already placed my order after much head scratching over the decision to go R872 Disc or Endurance SL Disc. Thankfully, this article confirms my decision that the R872 is indeed the better choice for me. Can’t wait to get it!

    These types of article are really helpful so keep them coming.

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