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Track Bikes

Single speed, performance Track bikes for the velodrome with a racing pedigree

Single speed, performance Track bikes specifically for the velodrome. Our new, full carbon, dedicated track racing machine is the Ribble Eliminator. Based around a lightweight monocoque frame of high modulus carbon fibre, the Eliminator is set for success.

We like to think that we know a thing or two about the Track. Ribble sponsored the young Chris Boardman MBE prior to his Olympic Games gold medal winning performance in the individual pursuit so our track heritage runs deep.

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A track bike is a fixed gear bike that is developed specifically for use on an indoor or outdoor track, also known as a velodrome. As cycle tracks have banked bends at either end the bikes have been developed specifically to cope with this steep banking. The frame will also feature aerofoil and truncated aerofoil tubing profiles to maximise airflow and reduce drag. The bike has a fixed gear, whereby a sprocket on the rear hub is connected by a chain to the front chainwheel. There is no freehub on the rear wheel so when the rider ceases pedalling the wheel will lock. In effect the rear wheel acts as a brake. The geometry of a track bike is very compact with a very short/steep head tube and short top tube to shorten the wheelbase and place the rider in an aerodynamically advantageous position. This also provides for better agility and power transfer which is all important for a track bike. Riders will often employ a negative degree handlebar stem to reduce their effect on the aerodynamic resistance. Due to the steep banking of the track the bottom bracket height needs to be slightly higher than a road bike to ensure that the pedals clear the track. And, in terms of weight a track bike can be very light, thanks in no small part to its lack of derailleurs and shifters etc. However, some of this weight saving is offset by the requirement to strengthen the frameset and handlebars to handle the stresses of track sprinting.



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