The best winter bikes – our top picks

The turning of the seasons doesn’t necessarily mean that you should abandon outdoor rides in favour of the virtual kind. Far from it. The advent of applications like Zwift certainly relieves the boredom of indoor training. However, there’s much to be said for taking any opportunity to ride outdoors and sample the delights of winter riding. Take a look at our top picks of the best winter bikes from our range. Bikes that are perfect for all-season riding.

The best winter bikes – our top recommendations

Ask any experienced cyclist to describe what constitutes a ‘winter bike’ and they will likely all respond in the same vein. The traditional winter training bike will usually be constructed from alloy or steel. Be fitted with a reliable and robust groupset, durable wheels and mudguards.

But is this still the case? Well, yes and no. There are certain riders out there who will still use an older best bike that has now been relegated to winter duties. However, with the advances in bike design, today’s crop of bikes are far better equipped to cope with the demands of winter riding.

Disc brakes

Love them or loathe them, disc brakes add much in terms of performance and versatility. Due to the design of rim brake calipers, most bikes are restricted to a maximum tyre width of 28mm. Disc brakes don’t suffer from this issue and as a result, are compatible with tyres as wide as 50mm. Model dependent of course! This enables wider tyres at much lower pressures to be fitted. The larger contact patch and increased volume enhance grip and comfort on wet and grimy roads/lanes.


Similarly, mudguard compatibility is now a key feature when developing a frameset. The added versatility provided by built-in mounts means that you can ride the same bike year-round. Indeed, every single frameset in our current range includes built-in mudguards mounts. So no matter what style of bike you prefer, whatever your style of riding you can find our pick of the best winter bikes below.


The incredible versatility and all-terrain performance of the CGR AL make it a supremely capable bike for all-seasons. On-road or off-road it takes it all in stride and leaves you wanting more. The robust alloy frame and carbon forks can soak up anything that is thrown at it. Yet it remains light enough to offer the agility and handling that you need to make racking up those winter miles much more fun-filled.

There’s ample clearance for tyres up to 45mm on 700c wheels or 47mm on 650b wheels. This enables wider tyres to be fitted for improved comfort and traction on rough and potentially slippery surfaces. Discreet mudguard mounts enable the fitting of full-coverage mudguards to help keep you cleaner and drier.

Endurance SL/SL Disc

For the road rider who wants to ride a bike that offers impeccable performance, regardless of the time of year, there is the Endurance SL. This superlight carbon road bike utilises the same mech of the same performance tech as the flagship SL R Series and as a result, climbs, corners, and descends with incredible speed, efficiency, and control. Available as the Endurance SL Disc with disc brakes or Endurance SL with rim brakes and include mudguard mounts for added protection from the elements.

Hybrid AL

When someone is considering taking up cycling, whether, for fitness, transportation or fun, it is often a Hybrid that they turn to. As the name suggests the Hybrid AL is a blend of two bikes. It takes the comfortable upright riding position of an MTB and mixes it with road bike components. The result is a bike that is comfortable and confidence-inspiring. But rides more efficiently on the road than a pure MTB.

With a generous tyre clearance, they can be fine-tuned to perform across a number of surfaces. Stick on a pair of slick tyres for speed and grip on the road. Or opt for a semi-slick all-rounder and have the option to head off-road when you feel more adventurous. There are also variants of this bike available with front suspension or with electric pedal assistance.  

Endurance AL Disc

The Endurance owes much of its design and tech features to our flagship carbon series of endurance road bikes. This makes the Endurance AL a seriously-capable road bike. It’s designed to offer all day in the saddle comfort with race-like agility and performance. There’s clearance for *32mm tyres for more comfort and grip, plus the superior braking power and control of disc brakes. And of course, with built-in mudguard mounts, the Endurance SL is a great choice for year-round road riding.

CGR AL e Step Through

The CGR AL e family of bikes encompasses the CGR AL e all-road drop bar bike and step-through models. The CGR bikes blend supreme versatility with an advanced electric hub drive motor system. They are amongst the lightest bikes of their type available worldwide. This reduced weight makes them light enough to be ridden with or without the assistance activated. However, at the touch of the magic button, you have the added confidence of an extra 250W of assistance as you pedal. With 3 power settings to choose from, you can choose the right one for how you feel or the terrain ahead.

The CGR AL e is also available in a step-through variant which features a low top tube design to enable you to hop on or off the with greater ease. Both models are designed with the same clearance for wide fit 45/40mm tyres. Discreet mounts for mudguards and a rear rack enable luggage to be carried as well as keep you drier during wet rides.

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