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Firstly, we should answer the question of what constitutes a Hybrid bike? In short, it can best be described as a fusion of two bikes. It combines the comfortable ride position of an MTB with road bike componentry. The result is a bike that offers the comfort of an MTB but is much more efficient when it comes to riding on the road. Here we take you through the various models that make up the Ribble Hybrid range.

Electric Hybrids

An e-bike offers both beginners and existing cyclists a boost of pedal assistance when they need it most. Firstly, they provide budding cyclists with the opportunity to build up fitness at a pace that suits them. Secondly, they allow experienced cyclists to carry on riding when illness or injury prevents them from riding a conventional bike. On an e-bike you can keep pace on hilly group rides or conquer the highest climbs. Most importantly if provides you with the capability to ride where you like, when you like. Without being restricted by distance or terrain.

Every electric bike in the Ribble Hybrid range is equipped with the MAHLE Ebikemotion X35+ motor system and includes an optional companion app. When connected to the bike this handy app turns any smartphone into a high-tech GPS computer. Offering all of the standard functions of a high-end cycling computer in addition to a plethora of exciting interactive features. Turn by turn navigation, information about your rides and detailed information of the e-bikes system. Plus much, much more. The app is a great aid to fitness. You can read more about this must-have smartphone app here.

The e-bike models below are all pedal-assist bikes and require rider input at all times. As such, assistance will only be provided up to a maximum of15mph, as dictated by local laws. When above this, the assistance automatically cuts out. In terms of range, a full battery charge is good for approximately 60-miles. If full assistance is activated for the entirety of a ride then you can expect this range to drop below this. However, it should be noted that the available range can be affected by factors that are varied and many. These include route profile, rider fitness, riding style, tyre pressure, temperature and more.

Hybrid AL e

The Hybrid AL e is equipped with a hub drive motor that provides 3 levels of smooth power assistance to each pedal stroke. All at the push of a button. With a replaceable slimline battery hidden neatly within the downtube, you would be hard-pressed to tell it was an e-bike at all. An easy-to-use top-tube mounted control button allows you to select the required assistance level. In addition to displaying the available battery capacity. The head-up riding position enhances comfort and lets you keep your eyes on the road.

Click here to view the Hybrid AL e

Hybrid AL e Step Through

The Hybrid AL e Step-Through is designed to inspire confidence. An easy hop on/hop off design allows you to mount the bike without the necessity of swinging a leg over the top tube and saddle. A handlebar-mounted control button allows you to select the assistance level with the added confidence of never having to remove your hands from the bars. Leaving you free to concentrate on the ride whilst taking in the sights and sounds around you.

Click here to view the Hybrid AL e Step Through

Each model in the Ribble Hybrid AL e range is available in two build options. The first of which is the standard build with SRAM’s NX 1×11 speed gear system. This single-ring system simplifies gear shifting and offers a wider range of gears for easier pedalling when the terrain steepens.

Option 2 is the ‘Fully Loaded’ edition which offers the same low gearing as the standard build. However, it also includes all of the everyday essentials that you could ever need for the everyday commute to work or casual day trips. All of the listed accessories are fitted during the build process.

  • A colour-matched pannier rack to enable the carrying of up to 20kg of luggage. Perfect for a change of clothes, laptop or picnic.
  • Be seen with Ribble’s own rechargeable light set, a 300-lumen front and 25-lumen rear light for added visibility on dimly lit roads.
  • Be heard with a discreet yet powerful bell.
  • Full-coverage mudguards help to keep you cleaner and drier when caught out by wet weather.

Hybrid AL

The Hybrid AL is the aluminium model in the Ribble Hybrid range. A simply stunning bike, it’s a fusion of classic British styling and lightweight, yet robust Aluminium engineering. This highly versatile bike is perfect for everyday riding. Encompassing everything from commuting to leisure rides, family day trips or simply for fitness or fun. A stylishly colour-matched integrated handlebar and stem allows the rider to achieve a more upright and relaxed riding position. The Hybrid AL is available in 2 build options, the Leisure and Leisure Fully Loaded.

Hybrid AL Leisure

Whether your cycling adventures take you on-road or off it, this Leisure build is fully equipped to help you take it all in stride.

  • The single ring simplicity of SRAM’s NX 1×11 speed gear system offers reliably smooth shifting and a wide range of gears to help conquer any climbs that come your way.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes deliver total braking confidence and control on any terrain and even in the worst of conditions.
  • MTB style 650b wheels fitted with wide and supple 650b tyres provide a shock-absorbing ride over uneven terrain with enhanced traction, control and grip.
  • Pannier rack and mudguard compatibility, for luggage carrying and wet weather protection.

Click here to view the Hybrid AL Leisure

Hybrid AL Leisure Fully Loaded

The Fully Loaded Edition is equipped with SRAM’s NX 1×11 speed groupset. NX1 delivers single-ring simplicity for an easy to use and intuitive gear shifting experience. Offering smooth and reliable gear shifts with a gear range wide enough to take on the steepest climbs.

It also includes all of the extra accessories that you could ever need for long days of exploration, casual day trips or the more adventurous daily commute. These include the following accessories which are fitted during the build.

  • Colour matched pannier rack. The rack perfectly matches the paintwork of the frame and allows up to 20kgs of luggage to be carried.
  • Be seen with Ribble’s own powerful and rechargeable light set, a 300-lumen front and 25-lumen rear light for added visibility on dimly lit roads.
  • Be heard with a compact yet powerful bell.
  • Lightweight and sturdy mudguards keep you cleaner and drier when caught out by wet weather.

Click here to view the Hybrid AL Leisure Fully Loaded

Hybrid Trail AL

The Hybrid Trail AL is a supremely versatile option for when your spirit for adventure encourages you to explore further afield. Like all models in the Hybrid range, it offers a head-up riding position for enhanced comfort and a commanding view of the road ahead. To improve its all-road credentials yet further, the Hybrid Trail gets a set of suspension forks to absorb the bumps and 29″ MTB wheels and tyres that make short work of tree roots and any debris on the trail.

  • SRAM’s NX1x11 speed delivers an easy-to-use and intuitive shifting experience. Offering smooth and precise shifts and a gear range that will encourage you to explore further than you had ever imagined.
  • Suntour NCX suspension forks provide 65mm of travel for soaking up the bumps when riding along rough surfaces, forest trails, canal towpaths etc.
  • Mavic Crossmax 29 wheels – the increased diameter of these MTB wheels helps them roll faster when riding off-road. A selection of tyres is available in BikeBuilder so you can fine-tune your ride to excel on tarmac, off-road or opt for an all-rounder setup for the best of both worlds.

Click here to view the Hybrid Trail AL

Urban 725s

The fixed gear/single-speed option in the versatile Ribble Hybrid range. A perfect blend of our fixie know-how and fixed-gear/single-speed simplicity. Built around a modern handcrafted Reynolds 725 steel frame is a package that offers dependability without compromise. The fixie/single speed is synonymous with cycle couriers and commuters alike due to its almost maintenance-free durability.

  • A beautifully crafted British Steel Reynolds 725 frame with matching cromoly forks. The ‘spring’ of steel provides natural shock absorption from road buzz.
  • Single-speed drivetrain – single-speed gearing allows you to freewheel as you would on any standard bike.
  • Fixed gear – flip the rear wheel around and you have a fixed gear bike which is similar to a track bike. When you stop pedalling the freehub locks up and acts like a rear brake. The fixie takes a little getting used to but is a popular choice with urban cyclists and even has its own community of enthusiasts.
  • LEVEL track wheels – Large flange hubs and medium profile alloy rims provide superb structural integrity for a smooth and dependable ride. A flip/flop design enables the fitting of a fixed gear sprocket on one side of the hub and a single-speed on the other.

Click here to view the Urban 725S

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