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  • Stone Collection

    Gravel isn’t a riding style; it’s a way of life. Slate strewn riverbeds, marble mantles and granite outcroppings, all form the very bedrock of every cycling adventurist’s playground, providing those with a sense of exploration the perfect backdrop for rapturous rides into the back of beyond.
  • The all-new Stone Collection is a set of three custom colour paint schemes designed in-house, and hand-painted by our team of master painters. Bringing gravel to life, each marble, slate, and granite colourway is a work of art. Every finish is unique, representing the ultimate expression of bicycle customisation. The complexity of each design ensures no two bikes will ever be the same, and your new dream ride will always be the only one in existence.

  • The Stone Collection colourways are now available to choose when you customise any Gravel 725, Gravel SL, Gravel AL or Gravel AL e bike in BikeBuilder.

      • We’ve also curated a range-topping, Gravel SL - Stone Edition, complete with magnificent marble paintwork and a top-shelf component selection for the ultimate in gravel performance and sophistication.

      • Ribble Gravel SL - Stone Edition

        For the serious gravel rider who views every gravel adventure as an opportunity to charge down trails at blistering speeds, there’s our range-topping Stone Edition. We've hand-selected premium components, which combine top-tier performance with weight-saving characteristics to further enhance the Gravel SL’s gravel credentials.

      • Groupset

        Developed specifically for mixed terrain riding, Shimano GRX’s off-road gear range, gravel optimised ergonomics and rugged reliability lets you explore beyond the paved and predictable. GRX RX815 places the digital precision of Shimano’s Di2 electronic shift system at your fingertips. Smoother gear shifts, reliable braking and exceptional gravel comfort all combine to provide a more dynamic ride experience. With Di2, you are in control.

      • Wheels

        Zipp 303 S carbon tubeless disc wheels cater to the modern rider, providing the versatility they demand and the speed they crave. With race-ready speed and incredible aero-efficiency, it’s a fast performer across any terrain of your choosing. We’ve paired these with the lightning-fast and grippy Schwalbe G-One Allround tyre, a multi-terrain, tubeless-ready tyre that excels wherever the ride takes you.

      • Handlebars

        A gravel-centric version of the market-leading LEVEL 5 carbon integrated handlebar system features flared drops for enhanced stability and control on the roughest terrain. Reassuringly strong and stiff, this one-piece carbon cockpit provides stealth cable routing for a seamless, cable-free aesthetic and significant drag savings compared to conventional handlebar setups. We've wrapped the handlebars in a vibration-absorbing LEVEL embossed bar tape for superior hand comfort and grip.

      • Saddle

        Rounding off this performance-first finishing kit is a superlight SL carbon seat post topped with a comfortable and supportive Fizik Taiga off-road-optimised saddle. A wide selection of saddles to suit riders of all body shapes and sizes is also available to order in BikeBuilder.