Dan Bighams Customised Team Bike

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Shortly before Ribble Pro Cycling’s training camp in Calpe, the team were issued with their 2019 race bikes. In the video of Dan Bigham’s customised team bike Dan himself takes you through the parts he has personally custom fitted. The Endurance SL R Series, upon which he will compete at home and abroad in 2019 is our lightest ever frameset. With an impressive aerodynamic efficiency of 28.5% over our previous race frame the R872. Such impressive aerodynamic performance and super low weight should enable them to enjoy the same great success as they did throughout 2018.

In the video above Dan highlights the equipment that he has chosen to suit his own riding style. And to obtain those all important marginal gains. He has carefully researched the products he needs to fully maximize the aero-efficiency and to save every watt where possible. Here we highlight each of the parts that Dan Bigham’s customised team bike has been fitted with to obtain maximum performance and power savings.

Maximum Aero Efficiency

The Enve SES Aero Carbon Handlebars as their name suggests allow Dan to remain as streamlined as possible. In no small part due to the flat profile of the bars, but also due to the fact that he has chosen the super narrow 40cms width. These flared bars measure 35cms across the hoods and 40cms on the drops. (most road cyclists tend to use bars that are 40-44cms across the hoods to give you some perspective). A matching Enve Aero road stem in a 140mm length allows Dan to reduce his frontal area which helps to reduce drag and increase efficiency.


Walker Brothers are the wheel sponsors for Ribble Pro Cycling for 2019 and Dan has chosen the Wideboy wheels in a 58mm depth. The 58mm rim depth is designed to carve through the air without being too detrimentally affected by crosswinds.

They are tubeless compatible so the tyres also essentially squat lower onto the rims which makes them more aerodynamic than standard clincher tyres.


GP5000 TL Tubeless wheels are fast rolling and puncture resistant

The wheels are shod with Continental GP5000 TL tubeless tyres which enables them to be run at lower pressures. This is of particular benefit over rougher surfaces. They should come into their own on the spring cobbled classics.


Tririg Omegas are the most aero efficient rim brakes on the market.

Tririg Omega brakes have been wind tunnel tested against all the major brands to measure drag. They have consistently come out on top in terms of aerodynamic efficiency in over 1000 tests.

A Silca tubeless valve kit weighs less than half that of a standard brass valve and are stated to be 50-200% stronger than aluminium valve stems. The kit also includes the Speedshield cover to improve aerodynamic performance. Dan states that it should save approx 1/2 to 1 watt.

Ceramicspeed OSPW are not cheap but offer huge savings terms of power output.

Ceramicspeed OSPW are oversized jockey wheels that Dan has chosen for their power saving performance. With power savings of 40% over standard rear derailleurs and watt savings start at 1.6watts.


Speedplay Zero Aero are the pedal of choice due to their exceedingly small stack height which produce less drag. Ridden to the hour record by Sir Brad himself they were a natural choice for Dan. Due to their small stack height they create less drag.


ISM saddles are popular with tt riders and increasingly so with the road cycling community also.

Like any recreational cyclist, saddles are a personal choice and it is best when you find one that works for you to stick with it. Strictly speaking it is a saddle designed for time-triallists and triathletes. These riders spend most of their ride perched upon the nose of the saddle in an aero position. Dan states that he prefers the Attack as it offers better pelvic tilt. Plus, it allows him to stay in an aero position which can be crucial when out in a lone break.

Ribble Pro Cycling Training Camp – Calpe 2019

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