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Urban Bikes

Get out and explore.

Slipping through a side street or out exploring, our range of leisure and commute bikes have you covered. As versatile as they are durable, these bikes will get you from A to B, fast, comfortably and in style.

We have 4 Bikes For You

Items 1-4 of 4

Riding Positions Brakes Gender Material

Ribble CGR Ti Bike Builder

Titanium Cross Gravel Road Bike

Recommended Build: US$4,037.94

From: US$2,613.09

Light and robust, the CGR Ti is a stunning bike that will take you anywhere with timeless performance and style. Strong, versatile and durable, the geometry of the hand built, British-designed CGR Ti has been carefully formulated so that it conquers all riding surfaces with ease.

Ribble Reynolds 525 Steel Bike Builder

Steel Road Bike

Recommended Build: US$1,273.21

From: US$1,044.45

The Ribble 525 is our versatile steel bike that is designed for a multitude of practical uses. Our love affair with steel frames has been going on for decades, but that’s not to say we haven’t moved on – far from it. Today, our steel 525 road bike is built for the modern era, meaning you can expect plenty of comfort and durability in a classic looking frame. “Some bikes just feel good? The 525 is like that.” The Guardian newspaper

Ribble CGR Bike Builder

Alloy Road Bike

From: US$1,371.25

Keeping up to date with the trend for one bike to do it all, the Ribble range now includes the versatile CGR – so named because of its ability to do everything and tackle all surfaces and conditions – Cross, Gravel and Road. The CGR is a light yet robust 7005 aluminium bike with disc brakes and clearance to take 35mm tyres with mudguards. This cleverly designed frame could easily become the key do-it-all bike that you are looking for, whether it be the commute to work or bikepacking at the weekend. “Versatile winter trainer or commuter bike that'll easily take on the rough stuff as well as the of those bikes that you need in your collection, a workhorse that'll cover miles in crappy conditions without beating you up”

Ribble 7005 Audax Bike Builder

Alloy Road Bike

Recommended Build: US$1,012

From: US$913.73

It’s perhaps the most recognisable bike in the UK and it’s just as popular and practical as the day we first introduced it into the range. The 7005 Winter is another extremely versatile Ribble bike that has been uncompromisingly designed for training and commuting. 

Why choose a Ribble Urban Bike?

Designed in Lancashire and tested over the hills and roads in northern England.

Slipping through a side street or out exploring, the Ribble range of urban, commute and leisure bikes have you covered. As versatile as they are durable, they will get you from A to B, fast, comfortably and in style. Designed for comfort and the practicalities of urban riding and commuting as well as training these bikes can accommodate full mudguards and traditional pannier racks for luggage. With more relaxed, endurance focused geometry this range has all the benefits of a road bike and builds in comfort for longer distances making these versatile models suitable for a wide range of cycling.

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