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Dominate and eliminate with Ribble’s new track star

The Eliminator is our new, fully race-orientated carbon fibre track bike. It’s an advanced aero frame so there is no reason why it cannot carry you to the next Olympic Games or simply your own personal championship. It’s race ready.

A single speed, performance track bike, the Eliminator is specifically for the velodrome and is perfect for those taking their first taster sessions right up to those looking to win at the highest levels.

“The Eliminator is all about stiffness and aerodynamics.” RoadCyclingUK

Based around a lightweight monocoque frame of high modulus carbon fibre, an oversized bottom bracket shell and huge chainstays provide the stiffness required when racing and riding on the track. The sleek tube profiles and aero-profile seat post contribute to this bike’s impressive aerodynamics and optimal rigidity.

The Eliminator’s lustrous, metallic red colour scheme is certainly a head turner and we are recommending high quality, race-proven track components from brands like Stronglight, Miche, Mavic and Deda for your build.

At Ribble we have a long and illustrious racing heritage, we’ve had countless stars racing our bikes and we like to think that we know a thing or two about the track. We sponsored the young Chris Boardman MBE prior to his Olympic Games gold medal winning performance in the individual pursuit so our track heritage runs very deep.

The Eliminator is ready for you to take to the boards and outdoor ovals and win.

‘For track use only – not road legal’  


1. High modulus carbon fibre frame
State-of-the-art frame materials and design
2. Oversize bottom bracket
Ensures the least power is lost from the cranks
3. Super stiff chain stays
Reduce frame flex maximising power transfer
4. Specific track geometry
Designed for riding fast on the track
5. Aero Seat post
Helps reduce drag and flex
6. UCI Approved
Can be raced at the highest level

Advanced Bikebuilder For Further Options

Ribble Eliminator

We also offer unmatched customisation of your Ribble with our Advanced BikeBuilder. The Advanced BikeBuilder is where you can make more of your own decisions - choose your ideal groupset and wheels, personalise it with your own preferred finishing kit - the choices are all yours.

Start Advanced Bike Builder

Sizing & Geometry

Ribble Eliminator
Size A B C D E F G H I
XS 505 496 322.7 90 468.0 71.5 938 389 76
S 515 526 366.4 90 470.4 72 952 389 75.5
M 515 556 408 90 471.9 72.5 965 389 74
L 525 576 419.2 120 500.6 73 985 389 73

Our available frame sizes

XS 4' 11" - 5' 3"

In Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of geometry does this bike have?
A: The Eliminator is a pure bred track machine and has the geometry to match, long and low with a short wheelbase mean it’s perfect for the all out efforts of the local Velodrome.
Q: What type of riding is it best suited for?
A: The Eliminator is designed for use on Velodromes, and is great for racing or training. It features a frame that has been designed with two important aims, to be as stiff and as aerodynamic as possible.
Q: What is the frame made of and what does it weigh?
A: The frame weighs 1600 grams (size medium) and is made of top quality, industry leading, Toray carbon.
Q: What is the widest tyre that can be fitted?
A: 23mm.
Q: Does the bike come with pedals?
A: No, pedals are a personal choice. We offer a wide range here.
Q: What is the warranty of the frame and what does it cover?
A: The frame has a three year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts have the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

Ribble Eliminator Customer Reviews

Let me start by saying that I was looking for a new track bike for my daughter Lilly (13) after she under took the task of passing her track cycling accreditation recently, after only starting to ride track a short while (2 months I think) ago.

Lilly was using the hire bikes up until now, whereby she had to be fitted each time attending track.

Upon starting with the Eastern Track School and passing her accreditation, I decided it was time to provide her with her own track bike.

I reviewed several bikes and comparison reviews.

I have to admit, initially I was going with the Giant since it was cheap and had all the good points reviewed, that said I couldn't find one anywhere.

I'm so glad... I next visited the Ribble website and was rewarded to see the amazing Eliminator track bike... what a bike!

It has slick aerodynamic lines throughout, everything about the bike just fits well together.

I upgraded a few parts when ordering, using the customise option (very useful!), I have no idea if those upgrades will be good or not, but I thought "why not"... I'm sure they'll help in some way.

The only modification I had to do was to trim the seat post down slightly (took 4 inches off) as Lilly couldn't quite fit the smallest seat post size.

Which by the way, the seat post is one of those lovely aerodynamic wide carbon posts, not the usual round post.

The paint work is ruby red, which as it goes is also nice, since my younger daughter is called "Ruby", so that's a win win, she'll probably inherit the bike at some point :-)

Thanks Ribble for a great track bike, Lilly will enjoy eliminating the competition!

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