Alloy Bikes

Lightweight Bikes To Suit Any Riding Style

From Hybrids to Gravel bikes there’s an Alloy bike to suit any riding style. They’re light in weight and super stiff for better handling and acceleration, yet durable enough to handle anything that can be thrown at them.

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Steel bikes were king until the late 70’s when these new-fangled bikes appeared on the cycling scene. These new bikes were considerably lighter than the steel framed race bikes at the time and were a true innovation in the cycling world. The Alloy bike had arrived and quickly established itself as the material of choice for the lightweight road racing machine. So, what are the benefits of an Alloy bike? Aluminium itself is about a third of the weight of steel and is approximately half as strong. To increase the strength the Aluminium tubing is increased in diameter but still works out to be considerably lighter than a comparable steel frame. The other major benefit of an alloy bike is that they are considerably stiffer. When you add these benefits together it equates to a bike that is stiff, fast and responsive. In today’s market alloy bikes still hold their own and are especially popular due to their price point. As they are so cost effective to produce you see this reflected in their price point. You can equip an alloy bike with a higher specification of parts for the money and still end up with a high end, lightweight machine. Alloy bikes continue to be a popular choice as fast commuters, lightweight leisure bikes and race bikes. This makes them an exceedingly good proposition for newcomers to cycling or someone looking to upgrade to a lighter model of bike without breaking the bank.



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