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Ribble 7005 Sportive

Ribble 7005 Sportive

A perfect introduction to Sportive riding or fast commuting

The Ribble 7005 Sportive offers the perfect mix of good-value, lightweight and is designed to give you an excellent position for long distance rides The 7005 Sportive has received great reviews and could be your perfect introduction into the world of cycling.

“At only a little over £750 for the build you see here, the Ribble 7005 Sportive represents exceptional value for money, especially with a comfy but still lively ride and the full Shimano 105 groupset.” Cycling Weekly

Built from our own 7005 aluminium tubing, which has an excellent strength to weight ratio, the frame is combined with a carbon fibre bladed fork. The compliance in the frame and fork help to reduce road buzz being transferred into your hands and body and results in a much more comfortable ride. The flared seat stays have a ‘keyhole profile’ which also provides more comfort at the back end of the bike.

The respected Cycling Weekly magazine highlighted the ‘pros’ of the 7005 Sportive as being: comfortable; great value; and surprisingly lively. They also said, “The Ribble 7005 Sportive represents exceptional value for money, especially with comfy but still lively ride.”

The Ribble 7005 Sportive has been designed to be ridden efficiently over decent distances, either on sportive events, club runs, or even commuting, and with sizes starting at 44cm it could also be a child’s first proper road racing bicycle.


1. Award-winning sportive geometry
Designed to put the rider in a position perfect for long rides
2. Carbon bladed fork
Keeps the weight down & decreases road vibrations
3. Wide range of sizes
Suitable for riders 5ft to 6ft 4"
4. 7005 alloy frame
Light, strong and extremely durable

Advanced Bikebuilder For Further Options

Ribble 7005 Sportive

We also offer unmatched customisation of your Ribble with our Advanced BikeBuilder. The Advanced BikeBuilder is where you can make more of your own decisions - choose your ideal groupset and wheels, personalise it with your own preferred finishing kit - the choices are all yours.

Start Advanced Bike Builder

Sizing & Geometry

Ribble 7005 Sportive
Size A B C E F G H I J C+
S 490 69 517 74.03 72.5 124 45 404 968 121 529.2
M 520 69 538 73.52 73 145 45 405 981 133.6 550.6
L 550 69 557 73.07 73 175 45 408 999 146 570.3
XL 580 69 578 72.69 73.3 200 45 408 1012 158 590.8

Our available frame sizes

XL 6' 2" - 6' 4"

Out of Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of geometry does this bike have?
A: The Sportive 7005 has a relaxed geometry for an upright position, specifically targeted at longer days where you need a bit more comfort.
Q: What type of riding is it best suited for?
A: It’s a great bike for a number of situation – sportives, club riding, commutes and anything where you are looking to do some longer time in the saddle.
Q: What is the frame made of and what does it weigh?
A: The frame weighs 1650 grams (size small) and is made of 7005 Aluminum.
Q: What is the widest tyre that can be fitted?
A: 23mm.
Q: Does the bike come with pedals?
A: No, pedals are a personal choice. We offer a wide range here.
Q: What is the warranty of the frame and what does it cover?
A: The frame has a three year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts have the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

Ribble 7005 Sportive Customer Reviews

Excellent service. Loving how smooth a ride this bike is.
Bought this bike equipped with a triple chainset and some granny gears, just what I needed having returned to cycling at 73 and after a very long break. The Ribble "Build your Bike" option was one of the few ways I could get what I wanted. Well done Ribble!

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Ribble 7005 Sportive Press Reviews

{{rating: 5}}

The basic spec Ribble Sportive costs £581.95 with full Shimano Sora groupset complete with chainset and brakes, but we made a few minor changes, going for a Deda stem and bar which fitted the look perfectly, a Selle Italia saddle and Continental Ultra Sport tyres.

So, just how does a ‘sportive’ bike vary from a more traditional road bike? In some cases manufacturers tweak the geometry and add height to the head tube. There’s little of this going on with the Ribble Sportive.

The geometry is pretty standard and apart from the seatstays having a keyhole profile for a bit more rear end ‘give’, there are few obvious concessions. There’s minimal clearance for wider tyres and little hydroforming evident in the frame, though the ride seems none the worse for it. In fact, it’s an excellent machine. 

Our build weighs a very impressive 9.4kg (20.7lb) and this is reflected in its performance. It’s fast, has great acceleration, and the Deda bar and stem contribute to first-rate handling, but this all balances well with very good comfort, so maybe there is something in the name after all. The carbon fork takes the sting out of the road, the Selle Italia saddle is excellent, and the Conti tyres coped well with a variety of ropy winter surfaces. 

The Rodi Airline wheels, too, performed decently, though we’d question the need for semi-deep aero rims with paired spokes on a budget bike. If the rims are knocked out of true in the gaps between the spokes they’re going to be harder to put right, while the aerodynamic benefits aren’t likely to be that great. They’re slightly lighter than, say, Fulcrum Racing 7s, but the Fulcrums would be easier to look after and very durable.

When you’re out on the road, though, the Sportive balances the needs of comfort and performance well, the quite modest frame is decked with some very good kit, and it’s good to see a carbon fork. It would make an ideal first road bike, and, given how comfortable it is, a fine sportive machine. More clearance would have improved its all-round credentials, but it’s hard to see how it could offer much better value.


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